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Evidence-Based Myopia Management is a Course

Evidence-Based Myopia Management

Ended Dec 17, 2023
3 credits

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23 October to 17 December 2023


30 hours
(8-week block)

Delivery Mode

Online self-paced & learn with others
(asynchronous & synchronous)


(GST inclusive)

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This practical short course has been approved by Optometry Australia (OA) for the Institute of Excellence Quality Assurance (CPD).

The short course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to diagnose and manage progressive myopia. The course offers an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the latest evidence-based optical, pharmacological, and behavioural interventions to appropriately manage progressive myopia.

You will be equipped with practical skills to be able to identify individuals at risk of myopia development and progression and develop personalised management plans for simple and complex myopia cases.

Through the progression of this course, you will also learn how to critically appraise the literature regarding new therapies, so that you can develop life-long skills to be able to independently evaluate the literature on new therapies as they are introduced.

Members of local professional associations of Asia Optometric Congress (AOC) who have completed the AOC Myopia Management Level 1 online course are eligible to register for this course at subsidised rates. To avail of special AOC rates, please email your local optometry association for registration details. 

For inquiries, you may email

What are the course learning outcomes?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key risk factors for myopia development or progression.
  • Describe the benefits and limitations of current optical, pharmacological and behavioural interventions for progressive myopia.
  • Apply specialised ophthalmic technologies and methodologies necessary for appropriate management of progressive myopia.
  • Demonstrate knowledge to be able to competently design, develop and revise a management plan for progressive myopia involving optical, pharmacological or behavioural interventions.
  • Communicate in an ethical and knowledgeable manner with patients and their parents and/or guardians of the management of their progressive myopia.

What core topics are offered?

For lifelong learning, the following topics are offered in the course for developing and increasing your knowledge, understanding, and skills in myopia management.

  • Introduction to myopia
  • Refractive error development
  • Epidemiology of myopia
  • Risk factors for myopia
  • Monitoring myopia progression
  • Spectacles for myopia control
  • Soft contact lenses for myopia control
  • Orthokeratology for myopia control
  • Atropine and other pharmacological interventions for myopia control
  • Behavioural modifications for myopia management
  • Clinical considerations for myopia management (UNSW and AOC)

Who is this course suited to?

This short course is for eye healthcare clinicians with an interest in diagnosing and managing progressive myopia in Australia and overseas.

Online Synchronous Sessions (via Zoom)

  • Welcome session: 23 October 2023 | 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm AEDT
  • Week 1: 30 October 2023 | 12:30 pm- 1:30 pm AEDT
  • Week 2: 10 November 2023 | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm AEDT
  • Week 3: 17 November 2023 | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm AEDT
  • Week 4: 24 November 2023 | 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm AEDT

What are the course credentials?